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3 FAQs About Portable EV Charger

Should I choose a straight cable or spring cable?

Straight cables are cheaper than spring cables. Currently, portable EV chargers generally use straight cables. However, the spring cable has obvious advantages in storage, which is also recognized by more and more customers, and has more recognition in the market. At present, some customers who use spring cables have also received very good market feedback. The specific choice still needs to be decided according to their own market positioning.

Is the charger display necessary?

For a portable EV charger, if it’s equipped with a display screen, customers will see the charging status more clearly, and the product level will be higher, especially with a color display screen. But correspondingly, the cost will be higher, and the price factor will determine the selectivity of some customers. Considering that the portable EV charger is mainly positioned as a supplement to charging, for some markets, the display screen is not essential. As long as the price is appropriate and the performance is stable, there will also be a great market demand. Therefore, we believe that if we are positioned in a market that is sensitive to price, we can consider not configuring the display screen.

Type 1 32A indicator ev charger
Portable EV Charger Without Display Screen
Type 1 32A screen display ev charger
Portable EV Charger With Display Screen

Is the more power switches that portable EV charger needs to support, the better?

No, it isn’t. Different markets have different power requirements for portable EV chargers. For example, 3.5kW or 7kW is generally enough. For North America, it is generally 3.5kW-7kW. Different power ranges have different requirements for components, programs, structures and other aspects, which will affect a series of factors such as performance and cost. Therefore, we should determine the appropriate power range according to the specific market and customer group positioning.

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